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Key performance indicators
Optional international exams in Primary School

From year 1 in primary (EP-1) our children are encouraged to communicate in the spoken form naturally.

We take this a step further in giving the children an objective in Primary. - We enhance their confidence in achieving an objective – The Trinty Level Oral Exam.

This not only builds confidence in using the target language but also gives the children the satisfaction of

“Yes I have done it”

This helps to satisfy some of the requirements, for the successful acquisition of English as a second / foreign language

Throughout Primary School from EP-1 to EP-5 children are exposed to “confidence building exams” ensuring positive habits which are entrenched in the children to facilitate the demands of Secondary School in our modern society.
At the end of EP-6 our children have the option of sitting their first Cambridge Exam – “the Key English Test.” (K.E.T)
KET is the start of the program that takes children on the path to PET, FCE, CAE and finally the highest accolade of all CPE.
We believe in allowing children all the possibilities to develop them selves both professionally and personally.

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