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Celebramos con padres y alumnos este dia tan especial.



SpellingCompetition2012_035Last thursday 30 august the spelling competition took place in primary school.
The objective of the interhouse was to awaken our students’ interest for better spelling, learning new spelling patterns and “looking” at words in english from a different perspective.
The students enjoyed cheering for their teams, and they vibrated with every point scored.
Congratulations to all of them and to the teachers who organized the event with so much care and professionalism. And to shaw (blue), who beat both wilde (green) and doyle (red).

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Head Boy and Head Girl – Ryans College


To foster and inspire young students to achieve leadership qualities and the relization that they all have the potiential to make a difference.


To learn that they don’t have to wait for the future to be a leader. Leer más...



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